Frequently Asked Questions

When would you like to host your event?


Where do people usually host events?: 

house community center


When to start planning:

4-6 months in advance is ideal so that we can be sure to have your desired inventory available. Shorter times are available with limited stock.


How long does an event usually last? 

  • typically 2-3 hours depending on the style of the event, open house or a lecture


How many people should I invite?

  • as many your location accommodates or that you would like to attend. Both large and small events support social ventures and community-based small enterprises


Should I serve refreshments?

  • It is entirely up to you. 


What inventory would you like to sell at your event? 

  • Bethlehem - Olive wood and boiled wool nativity sets 
  • Bedouin - bags, Desert Daughter - soaps, lotions, cremes
  • Tabatha - scarves, ornaments
  • Figel Design - ties, dresses, bows 


How do I promote the event/advertising

  • social media
  • email invitations
  • flyers & posters

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What inventory would you like to sell? *